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Where to go in Saint-Petersburg at summer 2018?


The city of Saint Petersburg is a perfect place to go to. Tourists from all over the world are drawn to its gorgeous historical attractions, as well as endless possibilities to spend quality time. Summer is considered to be the best season to visit SPB, due to great weather and numerous events, that take place all around the city. August 2018 is not an exception.

After you’ve seen the infamous Hermitage (also known as the Winter Palace), Peterhof and other well-known places, you might ask yourself: ‘Where should I go next?’ Don’t worry, because the end of July and the whole month of August is full of interesting and even unusual events that you might want to attend.

The Navy Day

When: 29.07

Where: Neva river, Palace Square

2017 marked the birth of a huge event that happened on the Navy Day – the Naval Parade. Even though the idea of it is still very new, the very first one was a huge success. So it’s absolutely fair to expect something big to happen this year.

The 2017 Naval Parade was hosted by the President of Russian himself – Vladimir Putin. The demonstration was vast, with 40 Navy ships as well as 30 planes and helicopters taking part. On the Palace (or Dvortsovaya) Square there was a special exhibition, during which anyone could witness real samples of Navy military equipment and weapon. In the evening people were able to visit the actual Navy ships.

On July 29 you will be able to see military ships and aircraft during the day and also stunning fireworks at night.

St. Petersburg Maritime Assembly

When: 13.08 - 19.08

Where: Neva river

The Assembly unites more than 70 marine events. All of them will be taking place from 13 to 19 of August.

The schedule includes:

  • River Passenger Transport Parade;
  • River Carnival;
  • Maritime Festival;
  • Baltic Yacht Week;
  • SUP-Surfing Festival;
  • musical concerts;
  • water shows;
  • fireworks and much more.

The entrance is completely free of charge, which makes the Assembly a must-see.


St.Petersburg Harley Days

When: 02.08 - 05.08

Where: Ostrovsky Square

 St. Petersburg Harley Days is the only event of its kind in Russia, that is included in Harley-Davidson official calendar.

 The program consists of:

  • 4 thematic days;
  • more than 22 different activities;
  • excursions to the suburbs of St. Petersburg;
  • city tours;
  • motorbike parade;
  • fun trade fair.

Visiting local events in SPB will definitely help you to find out more about Russian culture. It’s also a great opportunity to have fun, meet new people and make your vacation unforgettable and full of memories

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