6 impressive boat trips in Saint-Petersburg

If you are staying in St. Petersburg we recommend you to visit a boat cruise to admire the city from the water, learn something new, gain impressions and just have a good time.

Sightseeing Tours

The total length of all watercourses in St. Petersburg is almost 300 km, so you cannot be in the city and not make at least one river walk. So, your attention is offered:

City Sightseeing Neva

An amazing option for those who first visited the northern capital. At the six main attractions, the ship makes a stop so that anyone can go ashore and explore them closer.

Canal Cruise

A river tram ride through the historic part of St. Petersburg. An excellent way to see the main monuments of architecture.
History of movable bridges: this tour will allow you to admire the way the fabulously beautiful illuminated bridges spread against the evening sky, and hear fascinating stories about one of the most extraordinary cities in the world.

In Kronshtadt on the “Meteor”

Outside of St. Petersburg there are lots of interesting places. One of them is the fortress city of Kronstadt. To this unique monument of architecture you will be taken by the high-speed motor ship “Meteor”. A little more than twenty years ago they only got here by pass. Now anyone can visit the City of Military Glory. Numerous monuments, forts and warships remind of his heroic past. But there are more peaceful sights in Kronstadt: parks and cathedrals, the oldest Italian palace and the central Anchor Square, and much, much more. Kronstadt is a majestic city with more than three hundred years of history; it is a city for those who honor the memory of heroes and do not forget about the past.

Cruise “On the Neva with music”

If you like dancing, music and romance, then the evening music tour is for you! Delicious dinner, pleasant atmosphere, jazz and fascinating views of evening St. Petersburg – all this will help to relax after a busy day. Children under 4 years are not allowed on board.

Peter Cruise

Good food is not only a necessity, but also a source of pleasure, a way to try something new. Gastrotur on the boat-restaurant on the Neva and the Gulf of Finland will allow you to taste delicious dishes while admiring the beautiful views. This is a great option for a romantic date, and for a family holiday or a walk with friends. For children there are discounts.

Night cruise

One of the highlights of St. Petersburg – the breeding of bridges. Night tours allow you to see how the bridges illuminated by lights rise to the night sky to the sound of live music. If you wish, you can choose a tour with a guide and, admiring the extraordinary spectacle, learn something new.

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