Step by step guide for electronic visa in Saint-Petesburg

In October 2019 foreigners from 53 states have a unique opportunity to take advantage of the simplified system of entry into the northern capital of the Russian Federation. Now they can apply for an electronic visa on their own. How difficult is it?

How to apply e-visa?

Filling out a questionnaire for issuing a special electronic visa takes place on a specialized website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

After filling out an application form and receiving a positive decision, a foreigner can use an electronic visa to travel to St. Petersburg and other cities of the Leningrad Region. Currently, information on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry on obtaining an electronic visa can be presented in English and Russian. Subsequently, the developers plan to expand the list of available languages.

The issuance of an electronic document is carried out for one-time humanitarian, business and tourist trips. If the purpose of the trip does not coincide with any of the listed options, the foreign traveler will have to use the standard algorithm for filing an application through a consular post or diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation. This means that the applicant will receive a classic visa (not electronic).

Practice shows that applying for an electronic visa is a simple and easy task that does not require the user to have special knowledge or skills. To apply, you must specify the appropriate Russian region where the tourist is going, as well as put a mark in front of the name of the country of departure.

The possibility of obtaining an electronic visa should be used 4-20 days before the planned date of travel to Russia. In addition to the application itself, a color version of a personal photograph in electronic form should be attached to the application.

What documents are needed?

To obtain an electronic visa, you do not have to prepare invitations and other special forms. It is enough to fill out the application form on the official website. The service operates around the clock so that the tourist can draw up documents from anywhere in the world at a convenient time for himself.

Obtaining a digital visa does not imply any state fees or additional fees. Before proceeding to fill out a questionnaire, a foreigner gives the service his consent to the processing of personal information, with the possibility of storing and transmitting data in order to process an application for an electronic visa. In the appropriate field, the traveler indicates the full address of his e-mail and confirms it. To enter your personal account, posted on a specialized website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to come up with a unique password.

Obtaining permission to enter the Russian Federation is only possible if the foreign passport will remain valid for at least 6 months from the start of the trip. The passport should also have a clean place for stamping by the border services.

Personal responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the information presented in the questionnaire lies with the tourist. It is important to check the completed information for errors and typos. If such discrepancies are detected at the checkpoint, crossing the Russian border will be denied.

What to do after applying?

The decision on the application takes no more than four days. After this period, his status will change to one of the options:

  • “visa issuance”;
  • “visa denial.”

The service allows you to download the official answer in the form of a file on a personal computer and print it. A copy of the decision will be sent to the email address indicated by the applicant. The letter will also provide detailed instructions on the further actions of the alien.

If the decision was positive, a notification form is printed on the printer. If the tourist does not have access to the printer, he can take a picture of the document or save the information in any other accessible way to present it when crossing the border of the Russian Federation. If within 4 days the applicant has not received a decision regarding the issuance of an electronic visa, he should apply in the general manner to the diplomatic mission or the Consulate of the Russian Federation.

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