Lenten menu

Salad with avocado, red onions, yellow and red tomatoes – 470₽

Red cabbage salad with soybean sprouts, daikon and green beans Edamame – 330₽

Lenten cabbage soup ”Shchi” with mushrooms and green onions – 350₽

Miso soup with Tofu cheese and Vacame seaweed-270₽

Baked artichokes with eggplant, and celery puree-490₽

Wok with buckwheat noodles, vegetables, and Asian sauce-390₽

Stone potatoes baked with herbs – 430₽
served with mushrooms, deep fried onions, and light salted cucumbers

Pineapple carpaccio with lime sorbet-360₽
served with fresh strawberries

Tofu cheesecake with sun dried date fruits and wild cherries-450₽

The offer is available until April 18th, 2020. All prices are listed in Russian Roubles and include VAT.

Lenten menu Lenten menu