Summer menu at Skylight restaurant and Russian Standard Signature Bar


We invite you to the hotel to taste our fresh summer menu which includes tomato gazpacho, cold beetroot soup, light salads and desserts. You can taste them in our panoramic Skylight restaurant and Russian Standard Signature Bar.

  • Cold beetroot soup.
    Served with sour cream (300 g) – 290 RUB
  • Tomato gazpacho.
    Comes with tomato salsa, avocado puree, cream cheese and roasted bread (250/30 g) – 350 RUB
  • Fresh tomatoes with olives, cilantro, red onion and black pepper.
    Dressed with flavored oil (250 g) – 350 RUB
  • Summer mix salad.
    Comes with salad leafs, strawberry, citrus fruits, physalis, mint and mango dressing (210 g) – 380 RUB
  • Paccheri pasta with mussels in tomato sauce (330 g) – 390 RUB
  • Grilled vegetables.
    Zucchini, eggplants, paprika and tomatoes. Comes with spicy tomato sauce (200/10 g) – 350 RUB
  • Wild berry mousse.
    Served with cowberry sauce and fresh berries (200 g) – 250 RUB

All prices are listed in Russian Roubles and include VAT. The offer is available until August 31, 2016.