Ukranian menu

Украинское меню

Traditional meat jelly – 390 rub.

with horseradish, mustard and green onions
230 gr

Fresh radish salad Kherson style – 370 rub.

with fresh cucumbers, quail eggs and sourcream
230 gr

Borsch with Ukranian dumplings – 400 rub.

with ground fat and garlic, served on the dark bread
320 gr

Kapustnyak soup Zaporizhia style – 550 rub.

with pork ribs
320 gr

Chicken Kiev – 670 rub.

with mashed potatoes
280 gr

Carpathians potato pancakes-deruny – 380 rub.

with mushrooms and sourcream
260 gr

The offer is available until June 02, 2019. All prices are listed in Russian Roubles and include VAT.

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